The Spaceflight Institute aims at promoting human spaceflight by providing the world's first Commercial Astronaut Certification Program to enable space-age companies, nations and individual to access space. We offer selection and training to bring space professionals with the knowledge and skills required to perform work in space. Our unique intensive program offers our candidates a wide array of tools and learning opportunities that are designed to challenge them as individuals and develop a strong foundation for supporting future space missions. Learn more...

Commercial Astronaut CertificatE

Our intense training program assembles all the knowledge and skills required to prepare for human spaceflight and work in space. The training is conducted in the United States and Europe at different approved facilities and include visits to high-profile historic Spaceflight locations and interventions from Space industry professionals, including active and retired astronauts.

Hire astronauts

The Spaceflight Institute developed a complete selection process for our astronaut classes and can also offer guidance for developing private or commercial space missions and support new national space programs. We also maintain records of certified and candidate astronauts as well as custom astronaut selection services for commercial companies looking to hire commercial astronauts. Please reach out for more information.

Commercial Space advocacy

Our main mission is to facilitate the commercial space area where humans work in orbit and on other planets. By connecting certificated and candidate astronauts with space companies and providing mission support to inhabited spaceflight, our team has developed a unique expertise and is excited to support initiatives towards the development of commercial space applications. More information...

1903 - the Wright brothers flew the first powered aircraft

1961 - Yuri Gagarin was the first human to orbit the earth

1969 - Neil Armstrong took his first step on the Moon

1998 - The ISS launched and has been inhabited for over 20 years

2021 - Richard Branson flew in the first fully crewed space tourism flight

Today - we start a new journey of commercial space exploration