There are less than 150 astronauts currently certified for spaceflight...

Our goal is to double this number by 2025

the World's first commercial astronaut certification program

To bring to the world the first certification program for commercial astronauts, our team of passionate space industry experts partnered with some of the best and renowned public and private training facilities.

Our Missions

Provide world-class training

For individuals, companies or nations to access space and develop capabilities to open commercial applications in orbit, the moon, or further. Our training program combines knowledge and practical skills in a unique intensive format to develop the required skills.

Support space missions

Our team of space industry expert provide consulting services to develop a space mission or national space program. Our selection and training programs aim at developing a network or certificated astronauts available to support spaceflight activities.

Promote commercial space

Our long term goal is to sustain inhabited commercial space activities and promote applications such as space tourism, mining or microgravity manufacturing and research. Our inspiring mission is contagious and we gladly support keynotes and speaker opportunities.

Have any questions?

Our team would gladly respond to your inquiries, please feel free to take a look at our Frequently Asked Question page at the link below.