Commercial Astronaut Certificate

World's first Commercial Astronaut certificate

Our intensive training program brings our candidates through a learning journey that is much more than just a classroom experience. The knowledge part of the training is conducted remotely via our online learning platform. Once achieved, our astronaut candidates will be matched up in teams of 6 and enrolled in the Astronaut Bootcamp. This intensive training program teaches our candidates the skills to perform commercial space missions and react to emergency situations.

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Joining the Spaceflight Institute's Commercial Astronaut Certificate is a commitment for the participant, we require a certain level of education and that our trainees are in a good physical and mental health condition.

  • BSc or superior, preferably in STEM or related field

  • Selection process

  • Psychological screening

  • Class 1 or 2 FAA medical certificate


Due to the limited spots available for the training program, we have developed a selection process that look at candidates' academics, work experience, achievements as well as medical and psychological profiles. Learn more about the selection process and start your application here.


Our intensive knowledge curriculum is design to provide our trainees with the necessary tools to fulfil the tasks of a Commercial Astronaut. These modules are taught remotely or in person and during the isolation simulation of the Astronaut Bootcamp. Some of the content include:

  • History of space exploration

  • Orbital mechanics

  • Space mission design

  • Basics of space propulsion

  • Space systems

  • Life support systems

  • Robotics controls

  • Experimental techniques and metrology

  • Satellite and spacecraft design

  • Electronics troubleshooting

  • Mechanical and hydraulic systems troubleshooting

Astronaut Bootcamp

Our training program's highlight is what we call the Astronaut Bootcamp. Trainees are matched in a team of 6 based on their psychological evaluation, providing an ideal and challenging learning and cohabitation experience. The Astronaut Bootcamp is composed of the following intensive modules:

  1. Isolation camp

Our teams of trainees are isolated in a spacecraft and interplanetary base simulated environment for 4 weeks to test their limits and learn to live and work as a team on a remote location with the constraints of interplanetary and orbit spaceflight.

    • Physical conditioning

    • Crew Resource Management

    • Group projects

    • Remote learning

  1. Spaceflight simulation

An intensive spaceflight simulation training module will take our participants to multiple historic training facilities in the USA.

    • Launch and reentry High-G training

    • Situational awareness training

    • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

    • Spatial disorientation training

    • Hypobaric and rapid decompression training

    • Micro-gravity training

  1. Emergency situations

To comply with the FAA 14 CFR 460 - HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT REQUIREMENTS, our program contains a significant emergency situation training module

    • Non-nominal situations

    • Life-or-death situation management

    • Spaceflight emergency situations and escape

    • Medical emergency training

  1. Technical skills for commercial spaceflight

Additional skills are required for performing work in space. We provide multiple optional training modules for our trainees to develop their skills in specific areas. Customized training modules are also available on demand.

    • Aerospace maintenance for mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems

    • Advanced Open Water Diver Certificate and introduction to Extra Vehicular Activities ( EVA) / Neutral Buoyancy training

    • FAA Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating (required to comply with FAA requirements for Astronauts pilots or remote operators)

    • Advanced robotics manipulation

    • Additive manufacturing techniques

How to Apply

We are currently accepting applications for the classes of 2023 and 2024. You can submit your application below.