Research and technology

We look up to those who try

Entrepreneurs and scientists always look for new opportunities and the ones that make people dream get the most attentions. We understand the barriers to entry for spaceflight and can guide you through the design and planning of a space mission, including linking to Space Agencies, launch providers and ground support organizations to develop a seamless ventures that will make the world look up.

Research missions and Technology Readiness program

Our team of space industry experts are available to consult for developing missions for research and technology development in microgravity. We offer confidential consultations on your project and can help with space-proofing, testing, system integration and booking on low gravity flights. Our faculty and partners are here to support and help your projects fly on parabolic, suborbital or orbital flights. Read more about the Spaceflight Institute's missions or reach out to talk to one of our experts about your project.

We will help put your research in a rocket