National Space Program

Developing a National Space Program

Space has never been as accessible. But only a few nations currently have the technology and infrastructure to support space missions, especially inhabited. Our long term goal is to sustain inhabited space activities and promote applications such as space tourism, mining or manufacturing and research. We understand the need for Nations to setup a footprint in space and our experts are available to consult and help you develop a space program from mission planning, to crew selections and managing infrastructures.

Crew selection and training

The Spaceflight Institute and its partner has developed a full astronaut selection and training program that teaches all the knowledge and skills required to perform work in space. We can offer custom solutions for your needs, including link to already certificated astronauts or propose training to your experts and professional ready a crew for spaceflight.

Mission design and support

Our team of space industry experts are available to consult for developing space missions. Our wide range of application expertise include:

  • Tourism

  • Manufacturing

  • Mining

  • Media

Reach out

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you develop your space program.